18 Modern + Minimalist DIY Decor Ideas for Aquarius


If your birthday falls anywhere between January 21 – February 19, you’re lucky enough to call yourself an Aquarius. For those who aren’t familiar with the horoscope, the zodiac is best characterized as its air sign suggests — a free spirit. Not one to follow trends but rather a trend setter, the Aquarian follows suit in their interior design style. A typical Aquarian home is a fusion of modern and minimalist decor that includes items that make a strong, singular statement — including an affinity for shades of blue and metallics. To celebrate this zodiac’s birth months, here are 18 DIY zodiac decor hacks for the Aquarian home.

Beauty Dock

1. Beauty Dock: Sometimes less is more. Such is the case with this simplistic yet elegant DIY beauty dock. The best part? It’s customizable. Lengthen the dock and add as many holes as you want according to however many products you want to include. (via Merrythought)

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