10 Guest Room Essentials and Tips

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6. Reading Material: I have so many magazines around here, I usually just plop a variety on the side table. If it’s family and you’re a scrapbooker, this would be a great time to place a few scrapbooks for them to thumb through.

7. Snacks & Drinks: You don’t have to have a large room to leave a pitcher of ice water or maybe a bottle of wine on a cute tray like my easy DIY Acrylic Tray. Or maybe a hot water decanter with a selection of tea bags. Whatever your guest may enjoy is perfect. Bottled water is great too. You can even decorate the bottles like I do with duck tape or a printable label. Leaving a basket of snacks is thoughtful, especially if they’re on different time zones.

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8. Fresh Flowers or a plant: Adding something fresh makes any room feel comfortable. Succulents are perfect, especially if your guests are possibly scent sensitive.

9. Clock: Many people may just use their smart phones, but not everyone. Having a quiet non-ticking clock that is easy to see in the dark and easy to figure out for setting the alarm. Some clocks can be so complicated….you don’t want to frustrate your guests.
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10: Bedside Lamps: You probably already have a lamp on the bedside table, but if you don’t, I’d add one.

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