10 Guest Room Essentials and Tips

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Before you know it, the holidays will be here which means many of you may have house guests. Creating an inviting and comfortable guest room helps guest feel welcome and cared for and I’ve got some great printables below to help you do that!

It makes you feel good too! Knowing you put together a beautiful and comfortable space with all the essentials your traveling guest may need, helps you to relax, making you a better host.


1. Special Something: Welcome your guests with something special. Whether that’s a hand written note, a printable “Be Our Guest” framed note or their favorite magazine. (download info below)

10 Guest Room Essentials And Tips Free Printable 1

2. Bedding: Is it fresh, clean and comfortable? Are the pillows comfortable? Are there enough pillows? Bed set combo’s can be found inexpensively at Target.com or Macys.Com or mix and match what you have. Maybe you have several homemade quilts that can be matched with a simple bedspread. It doesn’t always have to be matchy matchy to be perfect. Don’t forget to include extra blankets if they may need them. If your sheets or blankets have been stored for a while, just place them in the dryer with one of those sachets full of lavender. I pick mine up at Trader Joes. You’ll have fresh smelling linens in no time. Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own Lavender Dryer Bags.

Elegance And Enchantment Guest Room

3. Closet space: Clear out a space in the closet or a couple of drawers so your guest can unpack what they need to. Or give them something to place their suit case on for easy access. Supply some of that Downy Wrinkle Release spray for easy wrinkle remover. I love the stuff and always travel with a small travel size.

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